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PR1245 .B5 Got it? Kindred soul! I've been wondering how many years or months I've spent in libraries. I have always loved them; they seemed a shortcut to life, a way to know without having to feel. All life, all wisdom, all poetry catalogued. A short walk from Beowolf to Virgina Woolf to the Big bad Wolf, God and devil in the same row. With my own mind ever in chaos, butcher knives waiting silently in the kitchen drawer for the right time to call out, and bridges and tall buildings whispering like sirens in the wind, library catalogues seemed like a calm mind. Rows and rows of small drawers with index cards be-typed by cataloguers, with subject categories from the most general to the specific--a world ordered and predictable and safe. My favourite has always been the LCC, the Library of Congress classification system. Even though it is more enumerative than epistmological, its attractiveness lies in that it does not seek to reach beyond what is human. With my universit