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Perhaps this Perhaps this is it. Just this.  IT being the purpose, the meaning, the point of it all.  ALL being life, existence, Dasein, Being-in-the-World. Feeding this cat; cleaning the litter box, trimming her nails.  It’s not a lot she asks, except that I rise before my time to fetch breakfast. Six thirty, six fifteen, six....  She subtly hints by stomping about like an elephant,  knocking stuff off the table: keys, papers, eyeglasses.  Just in case I died in my sleep and have thus forgotten. I don’t always love her; sometimes I don’t even like her— mostly at six in the morning. But for all anyone knows she is a holy soul. In fact, I’m quite convinced of it; and also  that this is my mission:   to feed, to clean, to trim.  And provide cardboard boxes and paper bags to dive in. It’s little enough. Maybe her whole life is little:  naps on the radiator, a basket on top of the fridge,  a  m ad dash through the house at 3 am;  staring contests with the dog, a paw i